Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to schedule an appointment for an appraisal at Trade-In Solutions Irvine?

    Yes. In order to give you our undivided attention and provide the excellent level of service that we proudly provide, an appointment is required, either by phone or through our website. Schedule your appointment here!

  • Have you heard of trade in marketplace?

    Yes, there are several similar websites that attempt to provide a quick and oftentimes vague valuation. However, Trade-In Solutions Irvine consistently offers the fastest, most accurate, and honest appraisal with an offer to buy your car on the spot. Please refer to our blog for comments and experiences of other consumers with some of those websites. Visit our blog.

  • How can I get a quick estimate of my vehicles value?

    It is not fair to you or Trade-In Solutions Irvine to give a quick estimate without actually seeing your vehicle.

  • What if my car is leased?

    Trade-In Solutions affiliation with its network of dealerships, allows us access to an abundance of inventory of lease returns and early terminations. Having access to such a large inventory makes a small percentage of leased vehicles not suitable to purchase because of the negative equity that would be absorbed by the seller/Lessee. However, many vehicles are eligible, and might be of benefit to the seller prior to returning to lessor because of their positive equity.

     As a service to you and to demonstrate our confidence in our ability to top almost any other offer, Trade-In Solutions will be glad to discuss other dealer’s offers with you.

    In order to make an accurate comparison, after receiving a written offer from another dealer either:

    A knowledgeable and courteous Trade-In Solutions associate will quickly contact you to discuss the competitive offer and determine if we can make you a better offer. Keep in mind that any undisclosed information about your vehicle may adversely affect its value and could impact a good faith offer made over the phone. We will of course do our best to honor any phone offers if at all possible. After all, we want your business.

  • What if my car is financed?

    Trade-In Solutions does purchase financed vehicles. We will need the 10 day payoff quote from your lender including the account number. Payoff quote can also be obtained upon preparing your transfer documents. All individuals listed as registered owner/owners, cosigner or co-applicant need to be present to sign off on transfer documents and pay-off authorization form. If any of the registered owners, cosigner or co-applicant cannot be present, please contact our business office prior to your visit to see if an override can be made.

    Most dealers do not understand the importance of rush delivering the payoff amount to your lender. However, at Trade-In Solutions not only will you receive the best offer, we expedite payment to your lender for the balance you owe. We use wire transfer or FedEx overnight express for major bank and financial institutions. We know how important it is to pay off the current loan prior to purchasing the newer vehicle. 

    Please note:

    In an event that there is a negative equity on the payoff, Trade-In Solutions must collect the deficiency in order to provide the lender the full amount of payoff before receiving the title.

    In an event that there is a positive equity on the payoff, Trade-In Solutions will gladly issue that to you by Overnight Express.

    Please call for more details.

  • Are you only interested in buying popular/newer cars?

    No. We are always interested in almost any vehicle between 2002 to 2017 that has a good transferable title and is in running condition.

  • Do I need to contact DMV for information prior to my appointment? Does my registration and all DMV fees need to be current?

    No. Trade-In Solutions Irvine can access the DMV system directly to gather all necessary information on your vehicle.

  • Is it better to sell my car myself?

    Selling your car can be a very time consuming, stressful, and sometimes outright dangerous proposition.

    Advertising, answering calls and questions, meeting with strangers to show your vehicle, negotiating a price, collecting payment, and handling all required paperwork can be a daunting task to be sure.

    Dealing directly with the professionals at Trade-In Solutions Irvine eliminates all of the above.

  • Is it better to do any needed repairs on my car prior to coming in for an appraisal?

    No. Our costs for correcting or repairing any problems are usually less than what it may cost you. Save yourself time and money by letting our expert appraisers assess any needed repairs.

  • How is Trade-In Solutions Irvine a truly stress free alternative when selling my car?

    Trade-In Solutions Irvine handles the “entire” process for you – from doing an honest and fair valuation through taking care of all of the DMV requirements. In as little as 45 minutes you walk out with a check.

  • Do I need to bring my car in for an appraisal or can it be done over the phone?

    A visual inspection and short test drive is necessary to determine and accurate and fair value for your car. The entire process, from start to finish, usually takes 45 minutes or less. Schedule an appointment here!







  • Staff was very polite and courteous.  They were quick and honest but above all they were fair with their offer! Beverly Hills–K. Mizban, Beverly Hills, Lincoln Town Car

  • It was all just very simple and straightforwar. Adel did a great job buying the car off of me at a fair price and everything was done very quicly and conveniently! Thank you guys!–Jake Levonthal, Los Angeles, Saab 9/5

  • Very good. I like the way you do business different from other dealers and buyers. The more I learn about you the more I like it so I will refer you to anybody I know who wants to sell their car. –Farhad M., West Hollywood, Honda Civic

  • Extremely understandable and personable. Adel and his team delivered on fair promises. I never felt left in the dark or questioning business practices. It was a great experience, highly recommended.–J. Tisdale, Irvine, Suzuki Esteam

  • Amazing. Everyone is friendly, helplful and personable. Adel even helped me to get my battery issues solved. Great business and great service.–S. Cornell, Irvine, Volkswagen Golf

  • Very friendly, accommodating and efficient. Satisfied with the service and appraised value of my car. I would recommend TIS and would use your services again!–E. Kang, Irvine, Audi A8