Tricks Auto Dealers Use

There are several tricks auto dealers use to make the most out of every sale. They will try everything from add-ons to longer loans so they can drive up the final cost of the vehicle. If you aren’t careful and knowledgeable, you could wind up paying a lot more than necessary for the vehicle you want. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Uninformed buyer

Dealers love uninformed buyers, they are the easiest prey, if you don’t know how much a vehicle sells for, you can’t negotiate the best price.

All about the monthly payment

Dealers like to ask what you can afford to pay a month. They then take that amount figure on the longest loan possible and tell you that you can afford a more expensive vehicle than you intended on buying.

The deal is only good today

Dealers will tell you the offer they give you is only good for today, which is a common tactic to keep you from shopping around.

Expensive add-ons

Dealers try to boost their profits by selling add-ons you can get somewhere else much cheaper.

Pushing you to lease

Dealers will try to get you to lease instead of buy because the monthly payments are cheaper, but at the end of the contract you’ve spent all that money and still don’t own anything.

When buying a car the best thing you can do is be informed. Do your research on what the vehicle you want is selling for, shop around and don’t let the salesperson talk you into add-ons and options you don’t really need, or can get somewhere else for much cheaper.
Remember the dealer’s only purpose is to make themselves as much of a profit as possible, not to save you money.

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