Reduce your fuel consumption


Even though the technology develops every day and auto manufacturers reduce the amount of fuel their products consume gradually, we still can use strategies to use even less fuel. Here are some tips about driving habits and car maintenance issues which help you to improve your car’s efficiency:

  • Use common sense! Light vehicles are like thin people. They move faster and need less food. The heavier the car, the lower its fuel economy. If you don’t need something don’t store it in the car and keep it light.
  • Air conditioning is a fuel eating monster. Open the windows once in a while and enjoy the fresh air. When you want to use air conditioning first go with the least cold mode and increase the level only if you still sweat.
  • Like that famous episode of Family Guy some people enjoy driving with open windows while running the air conditioner. Maybe it feels good, but it definitely gives you less mileage for every Dollar you spend on fuel.
  • Driving with a constant velocity reduce the pressure on the engine. You need to change your driving habits and instead of accelerating and braking try to drive smoothly with a constant speed. That is why some experts advise to use cruise control whenever you can.
  • Don’t underestimate carpool. It helps you decrease the amount of mileage on your car. Also, it is a good way to socialize with people. If you don’t want to carpool or can not find people who are willing to join you can combine your own trips.
  • General maintenance plays a large role in reducing a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Check tires pressure once a month and adjust them because correct tire pressure optimizes fuel consumption. Check oil, oil filter regularly and take your car for a tune-up once a year.
  • Be aware of idling. Never let your car idle for more than a minute.
  • Choose the proper road. Driving on rough roads consume more fuel.
  • Some cars have better gas mileage. Next time when you decide to sell your car and buy a new one do some research and choose a fuel-efficient model.

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