Dealing With Car Corrosion

In vehicles corrosion happens when the metallic parts start chemical reaction with the environment and produce a reddish-brown material on their surface which is called rust. We can consider rust as a kind of corrosion and as you know by experience rusting happens when metals are exposed to air or moisture. Corrosion has the power to weaken components of a car. If you take it for granted, it can make your vehicle highly hazardous to drive. Just imagine what happens to your car – and you – if the frame is damaged by corrosion? It can literally fall apart under pressure. Also, corrosion can harm other parts of the car. For example, the rust on the battery terminals reduces the voltage and causes trouble starting.

Why corrosion happens?

  • Age: Older cars have more cracks on their surface which allow moisture to penetrate and quicken the pace of rusting.
  • Materials: Some materials resist more to corrosion process. These days car manufacturers make their products with rust-resistant materials but there are still millions of older models using by people all around the world. They have rusted more than the new ones.
  • Climate: Humid climate accelerates metal corrosion. If you live in a humid environment, you must be more serious about the maintenance of your car.

It is better to prevent corrosion, but in real life nothing is ideal. There is no perfect weather or vehicle. Rusting happens to all cars but if you take a good care of yours, it will have a long healthy life! Here are some tips that help you prevent rusting:

  • When you wash your car or bring it to carwash remember to wash under it. Get rid of dirt, debris and especially salt (which is applied to the roads in winter). You may not see them, but they exist and quicken the corrosion process.
  • Take care of the body of your car. Wax it occasionally. If you find any types of rust, repair it immediately. Sometimes you can do it yourself at home with a piece of sandpaper. But if it is a deep rust, you need the help of a professional auto body Specialist.
  • In a rainy or snowy day find a roof to park your car under it.  

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